Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Silent Retreat

On a whim, at the last minute, I began searching for a retreat center to run off to by myself. It had been 5 years since the last silent retreat I attended...yes, I know, Kathryn and silence is rarely found in the same paragraph, let alone the same sentence! I found this sweet little place run by nuns in Pt. Loma. It was only a block from the cliffs and sooo amazing. Such peace and quiet!

I spent three days walking the beaches, the cliffs, the rocks, and just sitting. Watching the surfers catch the waves, little boys on the rocky beach tossing rocks into the sea, pelicans picking unsuspecting fish from the crest of the waves, and a plethera of dogs on the dog beach. It doesn't sound deep or revelatory, but spiritual it was. In the quiet, my mind stopped racing. The lists began to go by the wayside. Soon it was just me, the Lord, and the breeze. Spiritual, intimate, serene.

How often are we quiet, truly at rest within. It was amazing how God began to teach me and reveal himself to me through my surroundings. I wasn't searching, pleading, confessing, striving...just resting...Be still and know that He is God. What is your experience as you are still before His throne?