Friday, September 18, 2009


This summer I have been down with illness for weeks. Often stuck in a hospital bed tied to IV's and poles and oxygen, etc. It has been confining at times and can easily get depressing unless we begin to look for the possibilities.

My first room-mate, Maria, became someone I was able to pray with, come back to visit, bring flowers to, and watch as girls that came to visit me also prayed with her and brought her gifts. I watched as a procedure that could have been detrimental to my health get stopped by a nurse that was determined to do the right thing and then find out she was a Believer. To meet nurse after nurse and a woman cardiologist that all communicated how they wished they had a woman pastor at their church to speak with. The stories continue as I watched little moments turn into possibilities for one person to connect with another.

How many moments in our day, or seasons in our lives do we miss the God opportunities? I am realizing more and more that it isn't in the big things that we see God, but in the daily little moments that we make ourselves aware of Him, invite Him in, be willing to be used by Him and watch the possibilities unfold before our very eyes.

Walking with God is not boring, even when we are in the trenches! What is possible in your life because of God's intervention?

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  1. I am so glad you're better! I have been praying for you! I love to be reminded about this- we should always be looking around us to join God in His work- vessels willing and ready to be used at any and every moment!!