Saturday, April 11, 2009

Caught off Guard

God sneaks up on us at times when we least expect it. This week I have experienced His intervention in so many ways, and so many situations. There has been no doubt that God is working all around me, and I have loved all the sweet surprises, confirmations, and loving touches. I have been gently soaring on His wings of grace all week and truly loving how God works...and then it happened, I was totally not prepared for the way He was going to move next. My guard was down.

I was in our Good Friday service when precious little Taylor began to sing. The song is about a little girls perspective with her daddy as she watched Jesus go to be crucified. At one point at the end of the song, Father God is speaking and says something like..."Look at that little girl trembling, this is why you have to die". Why would God do this to me in the middle of the service? It took me right back to a very traumatic time in my life where I was a trembling little girl being misused and mistreated, and that sentence of the song spoke right to her.

It is because of the evil in man, the darkness of soul, the emptiness of spirit that brings us to places of trembling that Jesus had to die. With my heart undone, tears running down my face, I was so grateful for God's forsight to see that I would be trembling under the tyranny of darkness and would so desparately need a Savior.

In moments when we least expect it, God goes deep, to our core, to our darkness and brings His powerful light. It might undo you, it might blind you for a moment, it might even catch you off guard...but in those moments His prevailing love rescues us yet again.

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