Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Surrendered Friend

Have you ever experienced humility, true humility...the kind that leaves you knowing you have been in the presence of God? I have a dear friend that has wrestled with herself for months. God has joined in on the wrestling and together the process of stripping of self began. It looks different for all of us. The time it lasts depends on our determination to stay in the process with God until He is done. It has happened to me many times...I guess the more pride, the more stripping opportunities God has in our lives! So He has His work cut out with me...but back to my friend...
It is painful when you are going through it personally, but I have never felt so helpless as to watch someone I love so much struggling and battling thoughts, feelings, and perspectives that God was trying to change. All I could do is pray...
The day came when I felt like I was truly on Holy Ground. We met together in the park at her request, I listened and I began to watch as Jesus took over. The months of pain and struggle brought forth a selfless act of complete surrender on her part. She gave away something that has been a part of her life for a very long time, something that is so dear to her, and something that has allowed her to serve in a mighty way. But the final result of her battle, was to surrender to God something dear to her heart into His hands. From that moment on, she has had a new freedom and peace...and she has continued to be a great blessing in my life with her words and kindness in spite of her own stripping.
To experience the moment when someone is letting go out of surrender to God and walking in obedience to Him was truly a Holy Ground moment. I realize that we miss these opportunities with each other for two reasons:
1. Do we hang in the fight and wrestle with God until His process of transformation is complete for that moment or season or thing?
2. Do we let ourselves get close enough, and vulnerable enough with another person to share that moment with?

I have gained more as I have experienced this process with her than if she had kept it to herself. It was difficult at times, and we have had to get honest about ourselves and our friendship in the process, but the richer I am for it. Holy Ground moments...Surrender Shared. Thank you friend.

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