Friday, December 11, 2009

Blogging, I don't get it...

Ok, so I have a blog, because everyone has one. I have a blog, because the pastor's on staff with me all have one. I don't really think anyone cares what I have to say. My latest antics are usually an embarassment to my family so why would I publish those. I am not a great thinker, so my verbage will most likely not engage you, so why blog?

What do you all want to read about? What makes you turn to a blog and follow it? Are you sure I would have anything worth sharing? Any insight would be helpful...I figure I need a direction and perhaps I will get some focus! Maybe then, I will have something insightful to share!

Help...I really want to do this thing!


  1. You have so much valuable treasure and insight to share from Kathryn! You have experienced God with such faith and fervor. The scriptures are alive in your life, and you understand them in more ways than one. You probably have experienced and fought through battles we are in right now or will be facing soon. Some of us need to learn how to fight the good fight with the same faith, fervor, endurance and passion that you've fought with (and won.)

    He is health to our flesh and life to our bones... May your blog be a breath of fresh air! The Lord bless you in all you do for His glory.



  2. I am so WITH you on this one Kathryn!! I still blog tho... I LOVE reading what others are going thru in their lives... AND how GOD is at work IN it all!! GOOD and BAD! I hope you keep blogging... for me - I can't keep it up everyday - but I do it when I can OR when an idea hits me!!

    I do BLOG stalk... when I have the time!

    LOVE YOU!!!!

  3. i know what you mean...i didn't even start blogging for years, though a good friend loved it, because i thought 'who will care what i have to say?' but then i realized i could post pictures and use it as a tool to keep in touch with family and friends, kind of an online scrapbook. i post personal things occasionally too, but maybe it would help you to decide what the focus will be - anything about you, spriritual things, ??? i hope you keep blogging, i love reading what you have to say.

  4. I'm not too sure how you can keep up with blogging, Facebook, Twitter, Tweets, and on and on. But I do know have valuable treasures to share. I love hearing how God is at work in your life, how you respond, how He is transforming you, new insights, things He reveals to you, etc! I don't seem to have time to keep up with everyone I know who has a blog but from time to time the Lord leads me to something I need to read! So I let the Spirit lead me when and where He wants!

  5. Spiritual insight is always the best... what is God teaching you? Of course, so that we don't put you on too high a pedestal... we would love to hear your crash & burn stories.