Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Stirred Hearts

Today in our devotional reading, Ex. 33 and 34, it mentions several times that the people's hearts were stirred to give, or stirred to serve, or stirred to respond... the result, they had to stop the giving, they had too much! It made me think about my heart. Do I respond when God stirs it? Do I even feel it being stirred, and if so, do I recognize that it is God?

My greatest fear is that my heart will become callous, cold to God, unresponsive to His stirring. David cries out to God, "Lord, do not take your Spirit from me!" If we ignore the stirring of God enough, are we receptors of His movement any longer? How many opportunities have I missed where God has tried to get me to move out in His name?

My prayer is that I gain sensitivity to the stirring of God, that I respond to His movement, that I not hinder or ignore Him, and that my response will be part of a movement to overflow the storehouse of the Body of Christ. Wouldn't it be awesome if we were all stirred to the point of having to be asked to stop giving of our gifts, our time, our talents because our church had too much?! What an awesome day that would be...will you join me?

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