Sunday, January 25, 2009

666 at Starbuck's

I love Starbuck's...I have not thought there was anything evil or suspicious about Starbuck's, except for the conspiracy to get all of America addicted to high volumes of caffeine. I was thrilled when a friend proudly presented me with a Starbuck's Gold Card as a gift. I had no idea what a Starbuck's Gold Card was, but I immediately felt a part of an elete club for the caffeine was exciting! I soon discovered the discount you receive and the other special perks. I couldn't wait to buy my first Starbuck's using this prestigious Gold should see it, quite impressive. Could be something from a James Bond movie, underground network known by the gold coffee cup get the picture.

The day came, I was with a friend, just the perfect time to offer to buy her a Starbuck's, of course mentioning that I would be using my "Gold Card"..."What's a Gold Card?", she asked...perfect, now I could tell her how important I was!

I ordered our two grande skinny vanilla latte's and the total was revealed on the register. It was like a moment frozen in time as I handed my Gold Card to the teller...the quick reveal, I was one of them! I belonged to the secret society! I was in! It was almost ceremonious!

He swipes the card, the discount was taken, and the new total shone brightly like a blaring light...
$.6.66! The teller practically shouted, "Kathryn Leonard got $6.66!", I quickly asked, "Do you know me?" "Yeah, you're Pastor Kathryn, I've seen you speak. I can't believe, you, a pastor, got $6.66!" He continued with, "That's creepy." The other server, a young woman, claimed she also knew me and had heard me speak...she continued telling me that when people get that number they quickly add a muffin and have them recalculate their total. Why hadn't I thought of that! Of course there were others in the Starbuck's who apparently heard the commotion, and who knew me. So it is out there...I have been struck with the dreaded 666.

It gets better...I quickly, ok, not so quickly, sent a text to my friend that gave me the coveted gold card...who is extremely sensitive and superstitious about the number 666...His response?
"Time to buy a venti!"

So here is a warning for all Starbuck's gold card holders, do not under any circumstances buy two grandes, or you too will be marked!


  1. Perfect! This is too funny! Too bad it didn't happen to the giver of the card! His reaction would have been priceless!

  2. i had the same total once! the guy did offer me a muffin because of the 'ominous number'. turns out, he charged us for the wrong thing and it wasn't so ominous after all! maybe they should lower their prices so nothing adds up to an ominous number :)

  3. Ha! As a former Bux employee, that number does come up all the time. We just like to freak our customers out. :P Good thing we're not premellinialdispensationalists.

  4. That is hilarious. I think I would have bought a muffin too, there's no such thing as being to careful when it comes to that.

  5. HAHAHAHA!!! That is SOOOOO FUNNY!!! I can just picture EVERYONE knowing you in there!! That is GREAT!!!