Sunday, January 18, 2009

Appropriate Sneezing

Ok, so truth be told, I sneeze like a man. It comes from my toes, it is loud, not feminine at all. I don't have the dainty little snicker sneeze, no, mine is a blow the roof off sneeze. So this morning I am in church, and what happens...I sneeze! Now I am sitting next to Taleah, this young, beautiful, feminine, precious godly girl who informed me that she does have a feminine sneeze and people are always trying to get her to "let it out"... In the middle of Pastor Chuck's sermon is NOT the appropriate time to "let it out"...Sorry Pastor Chuck. So why can't I sneeze pretty? Oh, I don't cry pretty, either, and for a sensitive type that cries at Hallmark commercials, crying ugly is not fun when you do it often! So, these are my curses...being a woman that is trying to be feminine, appropriate, set a godly example and yet I sneeze like a man at the most inoportune times and cry ugly. So there you have it. I cannot find any spiritual connection to this it is just info that you probably could have lived without! Any other monster sneezers out there? Where was the worst place you let out a whopper sneeze?


  1. i feel compelled to comment...i, too, sneeze very loudly. i can sneeze quietly, but that's an effort. i have often scared my family members :) i don't think i've been embarrassed by it.....yet!

  2. I'm afraid I don't have a story about a monster or ill-timed sneeze, but you might be interested in a campaign to establish a new way to respond to a sneeze—with a whistle. It's demonstrated at Not recommended for during Pastor Chuck's sermon, though.

  3. WOW! I am so glad to KNOW that about you! We ARE sisters!! I cannot sneeze quietly!! When I do - I pull some muscle and hurt for DAYS!!! I apologize to Chuck all the time for NOT being a very feminine sneezer!! AND right now I am SNEEZING all day long because of allergies!! HAHA! YEAH SISTER!!!