Friday, January 23, 2009

The case of the shedding sweater!

I purchased a very expensive sweater during the after Christmas sales for a minimal price and I scored! It was in a store I would normally not even enter because of the prices, so I had arrived! Yesterday I was invited to a special luncheon and I was excited to wear my special seemed to be appropriate. As I was dressing in the morning, however, hot flashes took over. Now you know my age! The solution, wear a tank top underneath and if I have to get some air, I can slip the sweater off in my office. Problem solved.

I go to work and midway through the morning I noticed that my black pants were covered in fuzz, a lot of fuzz. My sweater is cream...need I say more. By the time the lunch date came along, my pants were almost gray from the knees now I had two toned pants! Later in the afternoon, at my desk, here come the hot flashes! Since I was prepared, I pealed off my sweater and was comfortable in my tank top...accept my tank top had the same disease as my pants! No longer a black tank top, but a fleeced gray looking tank top!

My fashionable, impressive sweater left quite the impression everywhere I went. I had to explain that I was shedding to my carpool person, the person I sat next to at lunch, my assistant when she came to my office seeing me sporting my fleeced tank top recovering from my personal tropical summer!

I wonder how often I shed? Shed my opinions, my judgments, my attitude, my irritations, my tiredness or even my analizing others. How often do I think I have dressed up the real me with something impressive like a title or a boast of something done well, only to find out when I open my mouth that I am shedding? Words that stick to others and tarnish them, or change their outlook...attitudes that stick in the air.

The amazing thing is that in Christ we are to shed our sins, and He takes them, they stick to Him...He is the proper place for me to shed my attitudes, my twisted views, my weary opinions and my wounded words.

Instead of shedding on others, Christ has willingly become my lint brush! He wipes it all away! I can start each day, each moment afresh and not have to go around explaining my sin that is evident all over me...He takes it and gives me a clean soul. I am so grateful!

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  1. WOW! I was laughing until you got PERSONAL!! WOW! This is GREAT!!! and OUCH!