Sunday, January 4, 2009

Putting away Christmas?

I love Christmas...The Christ part of course, but all the fun decorations, lights, food, family, name it, I'm a big fan. I can't wait to get my decorations out and fill my home with all the special decorations that have stories and memories attached to almost every one of them.
After the "big day" I start to get antsy and can't stand all the clutter. All of a sudden the "fun" stuff is now smothering me and it is time to put it all away.

I caught myself describing this to someone as "I am putting Christmas away..." That statement continues to plague me...Do we really do that? Do we really put Christmas away at the end of each December until the following December? Perhaps this is the problem... I love Christmas because of the sense of wonder and awe... and I am guilty! I often put away the awe and wonder of Christmas into boxes and get back to "normal" life.

Christ is with us continually, His very Spirit dwells within those that believe and receive Him...should the awe and wonder continue with me each day? This is my prayer for the new year, that I will not put Christmas away. That Christmas, the mystical gift of Christ, would continue to keep my perspective, my thoughts, my desires, my actions, my words, my expectations, etc. filled with wonder! Christ in us! You can't get any more wondrous than that!

So, watch out, if you find me acting is because I've chosen to keep Christmas out of the boxes and the wonder alive in me!


  1. i am guilty of the same thing - once the day is over, the 'stuff' feels smothering. thank you for the reminder to keep the spirit of christmas alive all year.

  2. =) I used to have a Christmas tree set up ALL year!! A fake one =) AND I loved it!! The lights finally burned out... and I am NOT patient enough to go thru each light to fix it! I am on the hunt for another one tho... I just haven't found the right one yet! I LOVE CHRISTMAS too!!

  3. I had a friend that kept her tree up all year and changed the decor at each holiday! Valentines, Easter, 4th of July, etc. I always thought that sounded like fun! It would be a battle in my house, my husband is definitely a put away-er! :)

  4. How interesting, I am thinking the same thing. In front of our house, we placed a homemade 'Christmas Cross' which will stay there through Easter. Also painted a nativity scene/shepherd scene to place in our windows. Wanting to blog the same topic. Wondering about decorating my heart with Christmas all year round!