Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Small Beginnings

Seeds have to start the process of a giant oak. A tiny egg and sperm begin the process of an amazing life. Why have I found myself struggling with small beginnings? I am so amazed at all that God is doing in our midst and yet I find myself so desiring the seeds I have planted to grow faster. I want an oak overnight! Do seeds not need watering? Do they not need seasons to mature and develop?

I was humbled by God's divine appointment yesterday at Sorority. We are experiencing small beginnings after a season off of our I confess, I have been impatient. At 3:00pm before Sorority would begin, I received an email of a young woman inquiring about women's studies. I forwarded the info to my assistant for her to follow through. After I sent the email to Michelle, I felt the distinct nudge of the Lord...respond yourself, and invite her to Sorority tonight. I wrestled a minute because it was so late, noone would come that quickly. The nudge wouldn't leave and I have learned...obey the nudge. I sent a personal invite, said a quick prayer and went on with my day.

That night the gal that had inquired showed up! We were so excited. I felt compelled that day that we needed to have info and Bibles for decisions even though the numbers didn't reflect the need. Michelle put it all together and during my lesson I knew that I had to give the invitation.

After I closed in prayer this young woman walked to the back for prayer and was led to Christ. It was a first time decision. The whole night changed! It didn't matter if she was the only one in the room, it was worth everything. I knew the angels were rejoicing and we were all jumping up and down with them. She is desiring Baptism, and I cannot wait to see her follow through and experience this amazing moment with Christ.

Each Sunday we have been so blessed to see God literally unleash His power and people are flocking forward to accept Christ by the droves. It is amazing, but God truly convicted me last night...even just one is an eternity that was changed. Even just one sends the heavens into party mode. Even just one moves the heart of God, and even just one would have received the sacrifice of Christ on their behalf.

I cannot wait for just one more to respond!


  1. Kathryn, you got one more to respond! It's me Ilene and I will be baptized this Sunday due to your calling me today. I am so grateful!

  2. Kathryn - Amen, Sister! The heavens rejoice over ONE person who comes to Jesus and receives Him as their own personal Lord and Savior! While we get excited about lots of folks coming to Christ, every soul is important to God and He would have died for that one soul if they had been the only person on the face of the earth! It's easy to get caught up in "numbers", but Jesus calls each and every one of us by name! He is a personal God and I am so grateful for that! You are right on, sister! Carolyn L.