Saturday, January 3, 2009

What's in a name?

After posting about how I received my "nickname", I began to think about how important names are, period. When we were ready to name our children, my husband took it upon himself to make fun of every name I could come up with. The one's that couldn't be twisted or mocked made it to the top possibility list. As children, often our names are mocked and toyed with, if you insult the name you insult the person. We truly are our name.

One of the greatest transformations that took place in my life was the journey of discovering the names that God gives His children. He calls you blessed, His child, a co-heir in His Kingdom. He calls you Daughter, chosen one, priest, and the temple of the Holy Spirit. He calls you His sheep, His friend, His Bride, and His people. The list goes on...

God's nicknames for you are names of purpose, of hope, of position, of calling and of connection. You are His and He calls you by many names. Do you hear Him calling you?

One of the first things we train a child or a pet to do is to respond to their name. Do you know your name? When God calls you through His you know it is you that He is speaking to? Do you live up to the name He has called you? Do you believe that you are His?

Listen...He is calling you...Will you respond?

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  1. AMEN! I KNOW my name is CHRISTIAN when I am out in the world... and it really holds me accountable to BE a REAL Christian when I am driving... =) AND when I think things are NOT fair... it is NOT easy =) BUT I want to be a light to Jesus in a DARK world!!