Sunday, January 11, 2009

Watching God...

So, I've decided my favorite past-time is watching God! I have seen evidence of His presence and power everywhere I go this week! Ignite started the New Year with some girl fun...Oh, I know the guys don't get the Bling thing...but get a bunch of girls together with sparkle, music, laughter, and a few moves; even in Bible Study, well, it is just plain fun! Add almost 50 new women, anointed worship, the Word being preached, and women pouring in just to be with each other and have something to watch!

I walked by the Mom2Mom and Women's Ministry table this morning and saw beautiful women dedicating their time to connecting. Their availability makes room for God watching! Walking through the building this morning between services, a hug from this one, a question there, a request for accountability here, 3 testimonies that prayers were answered and healing received, three teenage girls that came to this ol momma for prayer, a precious gal in need of deliverance sharing her story, and my precious parents in the service today...well it is God watching over the top...

Are you aware of His movement? Are you seeing Him do His thing in your presence! Keep your eyes open, there is nothing like it! I'm heading out for more God watching this evening, can't wait to see what He has in store!

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  1. Oh YES! =) It is AMAZING... and my tears just flow out... GOD is at work!